Walking Tours

Self-Guided Walking Tours

  • Hudson River Park - Take the 1, 2, 3, A, C or E train to Chambers. Walk west to the river. Along the river or through the park, stroll. Don’t miss the sculptures by Tom Otterness, the Irish Hunger Memorial and the Winter Garden. You can get free sports equipment from a little house near the river, south of Chambers. https://www.hudsonriverpark.org/

Walk south to Battery Park. They have sunset yoga and other great activities.

  • 11-Stop Tour of Chinatown and Little Italy for Under $15 a Head

  • The High Line - Most people walk from south to north. Try the north to south walk from 34th Street and 11th Avenue south to 14th Street. Try to walk early in the morning or for sunset. The place gets packed during the day. After the walk, visit Chelsea Market on 18th Street and Ninth Avenue for great food in an old Oreo factory.

  • Northern Central Park - Enter at 103rd and Central Park West. At the far side of the pond, called The Pool, a stunning pond with weeping willow trees, go down the stairs and walk north along the path. After a ten minute walk, you can sit and enjoy the waterfall. You can then check out the other sites including:

    the military fortification from the War of 1812, the Conservatory Gardens, the Harlem Meer pond where you can canoe or catch & release fish, the Great Hill, the highest point in Central Park and a great picnic spot

  • Morningside Park - enter at 110th Street and walk north past the pond, playgrounds and ball games

  • Saint John the Divine - at 111th and Amsterdam - the largest cathedral in the world. Enter and walk around all the way to the very back. This cathedral will be under construction for the next 100 years. After seeing the church, enter through the path to the south of the church. See the Biblical Garden with all the plants from the Bible. The fragrance is amazing! Spot the strolling peacocks and peahens. One is all white.

  • Harlem Walking Tour

  • Fort Tryon Park - Get off the A train to 190th Street. In the subway station, take the elevator up. Cross the street to Fort Tryon Park. Meander northward. Stop for a bite to eat at Bette Midler’s nonprofit restaurant The New Leaf Cafe (http://www.newleafrestaurant.com/). Continue north to the Cloisters, a medieval monastery transferred here from France. It's a stunning museum with a river view.

  • Note: The northernmost restaurant in NYC is called Indian Road Cafe. It’s a good spot to go to before your begin your hike in Inwood.


  • Glide & Walk to the Noguchi Museum in Queens. Take the gondola/ tram from Manhattan to Roosevelt Island. From Manhattan: Take Tramway Car at 59th Street & Second Avenue Station.(Travel time is 4-5 minutes.) Exit at Tramway Station on Roosevelt Island. Walk north about 20 minutes and then walk across the Roosevelt Island Bridge. After crossing, turn left and walk about 10 minutes until you reach the Noguchi Museum, free the first Friday of the month. Nearby is the Socrates Sculpture Park. From there, you can take the bus or walk to the Moving Image Museum.

  • Brooklyn

  • Explore Williamsburg & Greenpoint. Highlights include the Brooklyn Brewery, thrift store Beacon’s Closet,

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