Delice & Sarassin - Greenwich Village

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Delice & Sarassin

Innovative, friendly & supremely good. On a beautiful street in the Village, I went to Delice & Sarassin, a French mother and son owned restaurant in Greenwich Village (20 Christopher Street) several times for brunch & dinner. Most of all, I loved: 

STEAK FRITES INFUSÉES À LA TRUFFE BLANCHE ET MOUTARDE DE DIJON - Vegan beef steak (3 types of mushrooms) served with French fries infused in white truffle and Dijon mustard.

Vegan Foie Gras!

SALADE FROMAGERE Romaine Lettuce, tomatoes, Gruyere cheese, blue cheese, Parmesan cheese (coconut based), garlic olive oil balsamic. 

ST RAPHAEL - Potatoes, Red & Green peppers, Vegan Spanish Chorizo (soy and paprika), Balsamic sauce & Vegan Emmental Cheese (cashew based). 

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