As I learned about the health, ethical and environmental benefits of eating only plants, these were the most convincing videos. 

Rip Esselstyn, son of Clinton's cardiologist, was a firefighter who convinced his entire firehouse to eat only plants.

Their health greatly improved. 

Below is Michael Moss's enlightening video about how snacks are designed in a chemistry lab.

Our addictions to snacks like Doritos are intentional. They chemically manipulate the food to make us want more. 

"They are designed to make you want more. That means more profits." The translation of Doritos is "little bits of gold." 

Snack foods are designed to create a river of corporate cash. They were not designed to provide us with nutrients. 

Dr. Wareham is currently 102 years old. He has been a vegan for over 50 years. He retired from his career as a thoracic surgeon when he was 95. 

                                     Dr. Greger's website is a treasure trove of accurate nutritional information. He also has a youtube channel.

3% of Americans do not get enough protein. Most Americans eat too much protein and that results in health problems.

Only 3% of Americans get enough fiber, resulting in tremendous health problems. Animal products have NO fiber.