Why I Eat It

In September of 2015, I became a nutrition teachers for the non-profit, the Coalition for Healthy School Food.  I taught fifteen classes of second, third, fourth and fifth graders about eating better in four different high need schools. The Coalition does heroic work because our young people are suffering from a diet heavy in candy, soda and processed food. 

The first step in my training was taking an online Cornell University class called "Plant Based Nutrition". During the course, I found out about the health hazards, environmental destruction and ethical violations that result from eating meat, dairy and eggs. By October of 2015, I was eating plants exclusively.

My energy level and medical test results have both greatly improved. I am disgusted by the cruelty with which people hire assassins to murder animals and then devour their flesh. When faced with the butcher aisle in the grocery store, I feel like I am walking through a morgue of sentient beautiful dead friends. I am alarmed that those who proclaim to care about the climate eat murdered animals, steal and drink mother’s milk, steal and eat eggs, a three are tragic contributors to climate disasters.

Factory farming emits as many pollutants as Big Oil.

“As the numbers of farm animals reared for meat, egg, and dairy production increase, so do emissions from their production. By 2050, global farm animal production is expected to double from present levels. The environmental impacts of animal agriculture require that governments, international organizations, producers, and consumers focus more attention on the role played by meat, egg, and dairy production. Mitigating and preventing the environmental harms caused by this sector require immediate and substantial changes in regulation, production practices, and consumption patterns.”

Elaine PerlmanComment