What I Eat


What do I eat most days?

I try to maximize cinnamon, tumeric, fresh herbs and other spices in my diet for their amazing health benefits.


  • 2 cups of coffee with Oatly oat milk

  • 1/2 cup oatmeal microwaved with 1 cup of water & a dash of cinnamon for 4 minutes. Fruit and nuts on top.

Weekend Brunch

  • Boiled cubed potatoes

  • Sauteed onions & vegetables in a few tablespoons of water rather than oil. As the water evaporates, I add more, Then I crumble in extra firm tofu, add Sazon Goya spice mix, salt and pepper. Here's a recipe for Sazon.


  • Salad with ingredients like sweet potatoes, quinoa, wild rice, broccoli, cauliflower, seeds, nuts, beans, grilled tofu, raw beets, & homemade dressing

  • A slice of whole grain bread

  • Soup like lentil, vegetable or split pea


  • Medjool dates, apples, nuts, seeds, dried fruit

  • A mix of dried fruit nuts & seeds I roast and then add to melted dark chocolate to make amazing bark. The bark solidifies on my kitchen counter.


  • A Starch (boiled potatoes, brown rice, quinoa, couscous)

  • A Legume (beans, chickpeas, lentils). Saute onion, garlic or shallots in 3 Tablespoons of water. Add more as it evaporates. When they are as cooked as you like, add the canned, rinsed legume. Season as you like.

  • Instead of a legume, sometimes I make fake meat like faux Italian sausage or sauteed tofu. For the legumes or other proteins, we can get creative and create any flavoring dressing or sauce. Explore & experiment with some cool recipes.

  • A Green, Vegetable that I make on the stovetop. Ideas include:

  1. Steamed artichoke dipped into Veganaise mixed with hot sauce

  2. Steamed broccoli with soy sauce, sriracha, rice vinegar and a couple drops of sesame oil. Combine ingredients in a proportion that tastes good to you.

  3. Warmed up frozen green peas or spinach. After they are ready to eat, add the juice from 1 lemon or lime, salt and pepper. You can also add fresh herbs if you have them because they are supremely healthy.

  • Roasted Vegetables - Use a silicone baking liner. Cut up vegetable(s) into coarse, large chunks,. Put in roasting pan. Add unpeeled garlic, sliced onion or sliced shallots, fresh herbs if you have some, salt, pepper.. Roast at 450 degrees between 20-40 minutes. You can squeeze out the roasted garlic, delicious in both dressings and sauces.

Vegetables that work well: I love cauliflower, broccoli, zucchini, mushrooms, sweet potato, Brussels sprouts, asparagus and carrots. I do not mix vegetables because they each have their own baking time.

Check cooking times on the internet. Mix it up. Make what you already like and try new ones too.

  • A Whatever-You-Have Salad. Throw in some sliced avocado, radishes, fresh corn, raw beet, tomatoes, cucumber. chickpeas, hearts of palm, raw mushrooms, carrots, shallots, beans, raw or roasted nuts and seeds. Let your guests add a homemade favorite dressing at the table. Most of the time, no dressing is needed because the raw vegetables add crunch and flavor when eaten with the other foods. Lime juice alone is a great dressing!

I eat unlimited amounts of fruits and vegetables throughout the day.

Here's a study that shows us that the more fruit we eat, the better!

I've only been a pure plant eater for 4 years. I'm learning more every day.


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